Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Ultrasounds...and more ultrasounds....

I was always a little jealous of those pregnant moms that got an ultrasound every month. Shoot...I was jealous of the people that got more than one big ultrasound. When I was pregnant with Avery, I wanted to know what we were having, so when the ultrasound tech, told us nonchalantly that she was only 60% sure it was a girl...I was like "seriously?" I really wanted another ultrasound so that we could be more sure of the sex. The tech was also really disinterested in our questions, and seemed annoyed by us.

Here's the little peanut...full body shot.
So, given that I had a disappointing experience with my first ultrasound, you would think that I would be excited to have more and more ultrasounds this time around...NOPE! You see, we don't want to know the sex! And, luckily, our ultrasound tech (shout out to Krista) was very thorough, and explained everything during my 19 week...so there should be no reason to have another ultrasound.

Here's a picture of the little guy/girl saying hello.

Let's start at the beginning of the ultrasound journey...
Ultrasound #1 (9 weeks)- I have an internal ultrasound, but the Dr. can't find the baby.
Ultrasound #2 (same appointment...9 weeks)- Second internal ultrasound...no baby.
Ultrasound #3 (same appointment...9 weeks)- External (thank God) ultrasound..hello baby.
Ultrasound #4 (19 weeks)- The BIG ultrasound...I was excited to get a good look at the baby, and really learn about what everything means. Krista was really nice and answered all of our questions. Avery was there, and was involved and excited to see the "baby movie". BUT, apparently, they aren't able to get a clear picture of everything, so I am scheduled to get another ultrasound with a higher ultrasound machine.
Ultrasound #5 (20.5 weeks)- Ultrasound at Blodgett Hospital...this time, we take Cal, who tells us that he is bored with the "baby movie". Once again, they can't see aspects of the heart and spine, so I am scheduled for ANOTHER ultrasound..this time a level 2 ultrasound at a Maternal and Fetal Ultrasound specialist.
Ultrasound #6 (22 weeks)- At the specialist...the tech was pretty unsettling this time. I went into the appointment pretty sure that everything was OK, but we just needed a better look. The tech on the other hand had a tone that made me a little nervous. Then...at the end, she says "well, we your cervix seemed a little long, so we may need to have you back to do another internal ultrasound". THEN, we meet with the Dr., who tells me that while they were able to see just about everything else, there is still one portion of the baby's heart that isn't visible due to my c-scar. So, depending on OB/GYN's suggestion, we might need ANOTHER ultrasound. ARGHH!

And...the profile shot

OK...let me explain why this is frustration....in list form...
1.) We don't want to know the sex, so each and every additional ultrasound is another temptation!
2.) Internal ultrasounds are NOT comfortable. For those of you that have not had the wonderful experience of an internal (or vaginal) ultrasound...let me explain. It involves a wand-type instrument and a condom...do I need to explain more? It's a similar process to the conception, but with a lot less um...ahh...um...pleasure?
3.) The external ultrasounds don't come without their own discomforts. First of all, about 2 hours before the appointment, I have to start drinking...and drinking...and drinking, at least 32 oz. Now, this may not seem like a lot to a non-pregnant person, but my bladder is already constricted, and adding an extra 32 oz is not comfortable. THEN, I have to hold it for an hour. By the time I get to the Dr. office, I am ready to burst, only to have a camera pressed directly onto my bladder with a warm gel...it's painful, and potentially embarrassing.

So, the news that I might need another internal AND external ultrasound is not something that I am looking forward to. I mean, I love to see the baby, and it's sweet that they are in there kicking around, and saying hello. BUT, I really don't want another camera in me or on me until the baby is here!

I guess that this is a perfect example of "be careful what you ask for".

The peanut's little feet


Heather said...

despite all the pokes, prods, and gels it's for the best of baby. They just want to make sure s/he is whole... but I'm sure you understand that well. I'm jealous that you get so many and you get so many pictures. Our ultrasound tech gave us 3 crappy pics and told us she couldn't tell us what Sophia was. I begged for a gender check which they actually gave me only to find similar news.

Congrats either way!! Hopefully they'll only do one more ultrasound and you'll be clear till the end!

Willo said...

#1 internal ultrasounds suck-I feel your pain...well, not anymore, but I understand.
#2 I will be wishing an US free rest of your pregnancy for you and that beautiful baby.

jessica said...

Just think...with Jack I was having an ultrasound every week the last 8 weeks! I just made sure I reminded them every time "I DON'T WANT TO KNOW!!!!"

MLDB said...

I know Jess..you are one of the friends that I was jealous of!

tania said...

Do they have 3-D ultrasound at your doctor's office? It's pretty stinkin' cool to see the baby in 3-D and moving in real time.

amanda said...

oh you poor thing. I'm sorry they're putting you through the ringer with all these ultrasounds. And I can relate to the dreaded internal... blah! Hopefully the next will be your last.