Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Friday Quotables

Back by popular demand....Quotables by the kids.....(I really need to get better at writing down the funny stuff around here).

Cal: Avery, my house is cooler than your house, because it is a ROCK STAR house.
Avery: Well, my house is a PRINCESS house.
Cal: Well, my house is an ANIMAL house!
Avery: No, my house is Animal house!
Me: (under breath)...amen.

Avery: Mama mama, Cal needs you to wipe his butt.
Me: Ok, I'm coming.
Avery: Don't worry mama, I already wiped his butt.
Me: Whoa...ok, then let's go wash your hands!

(Cal walks into the bathroom while Chris is peeing)
Cal: Whoa are STRONG!
( I think it made Chris's year!)

Me: Whoa...something is smelly in the car.
Avery: I tooted
Me: OK...what do you say?
Avery: Pee-U?
Me: What else do you say?
Avery: Yuck?
Me: What's the nice thing to say?
Avery: Ohhh...I saw 'scuse me.

Like always...I'm sure there are more, but I can't remember them off the top of my head...more later!

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Schavey Family said...

nI love your quotes...I may have to copy and do quotables on my blog...Hope we can see you soon. Glad to here the pregnancy is going well.