Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gro Babies Cloth Diapers

Chris and I have decided to cloth diaper the new baby, but are still researching the options out there. My sisters used cloth diapers as babies, but the new types of diapers have come a LONG way! Now, they have removable inserts, snaps, velcro and can be used from infant all the way through toddler/potty training. We figure that we will save at least $400-$600 by using cloth diapers. The biggest reason that I plan to cloth diaper is for environmental reasons. I used disposable diapers for Avery, and I figure that I've added way too much to the landfills already.

With all that said, I'm debating between a few different types of cloth diapers. I've received positive feedback in regards to BumGenius diapers, and have heard good things about Fuzzibuns too. I'm really intrigued by diapers made by work at home moms, but it's hard because they don't come with a lot of referrals. I also really like the idea of GroBaby diapers. We found them at our local baby boutique yesterday, and I love that they are organic, natural and come with snap in liners, so I only have to change the liners instead of the whole shell every diaper change. This leads to a lot less washes. Also, because the shells don't have to be changed everytime, we don' t have to buy as many diaper shells.

GroBaby is doing a free giveaway right now, so I am hoping to get a diaper to try out for myself. http://www.thenaturalbabyco.com/grobaby%E2%84%A2-ic-11_16.html

Let's hope it all works out! I still have to convince Chris about the cloth diapering...I think he's a little tentative about dealing with the nastiness.

Any suggestions out there are readily accepted!

Oldies but goodies

When I was pregnant with Avery, I started a blog over on MySpace (which I rarely use anymore). For whatever reason, I decided to check it out this morning and reread some of the blogs that I posted over there. I know that this is cheating by not posting a new blog, but here are some of the oldies from my pregnant days with Avery.
Sunday, September 03, 2006
Hello friends and family,

First of all thank you all for your thoughts, prayers, visits and phone calls. It is amazing to Chris and I how lucky we are to have you all with us! Well if you haven't heard already, our little baby girl was born this past Thursday. So let's cut to the chase and give you the facts.

Avery RoseLea
Born: 8/31/06
Time: 8:38pm
Length: 18 1/2 in
Weight: 6pds 6oz
Her middle name is the combination of both of our mothers' middle names. His mom's name -Rose, and my mom's - Lea.

Avery and I are both doing very well. I had a C-section so we were at the hospital until this (Sunday) afternoon. Let me tell you, the birthing process is the scariest and happiest event of my life. After over 19 hours of labor followed by a C-Section, my baby girl was here...and nothing else mattered. Now, don't get me wrong...there was pain, but seeing her little face was the best drug in the world!
The second best thing in the world...seeing Chris as a dad. He is the best dad. I wasn't able to do much moving around, and he cared for her and I both for the entire time that we were in the hospital. He's so great!
Avery is perfect. The minute that I saw her, I knew that she was both beautiful and smart. I can't believe she is ours. She was much smaller than I expected. I mean...really, look at Chris and I...we were expecting at least an 8lb baby, so when she came out less than 7, everyone was shocked..even the Doctors.
Avery was a little pale when she was born, due to anemia and low hemoglobin counts, but she is doing much better. Her counts are up, and they aren't too worried. She also has a touch of jaundice, so we were sent home with a bilirubin blanket that she wears all the time. She is our sweet little glow-worm.

Talk to you soon,
Mama, Daddy and Avery
P.S. Chris is working on putting together a page of all of her pictures. We have taken more photos in the past 2 days than we did on our entire honeymoon.
Sunday, August 20, 2006

Arghhh... no baby yet. I've realized that I have to preface every phone call, voicemail, e-mail and conversation with "no baby yet". I am one week away, but I have been praying that she will come early. If she is anything like her mama, she will be late because she is still trying to pick out the perfect outfit.

We've officially attempted everything to get labor going. I won't go into complete details, but we tried spicy Indian food...long walks, and some other stuff...and no baby.

AND....I ate a whole McDonalds cheeseburger today. I'm not sure what type of drugs they add to those things, but GOD it was good. Now, I just have to wait to see if I get ill tonight. On the other hand, if I go into labor tonight, it's back to Mickey D's all the way!

So, in the meantime, here we are...Chris and I...just waiting. I love this man! He rubs my swollen puffy feet, and doesn't make fun of my waddle. He even takes the blame when I burp in public. He's the best, but I know that deep down, he is hoping and praying that he will get his pre-pregnancy, less hormonal wife back soon.

So, hopefully the next blog will be a happy announcement.

Until then....the end.


Monday, July 24, 2006

I've hit the 5 week mark. 34 days to be exact! The nursery is done, her diaper bag is packed, all we need to do is insert the baby into the picture and we will be one happy family.

For those of you that have been following this pregnancy, here is what I have learned in the past few weeks:

1.) Once a stomach sleeper..always a stomach sleeper. I try to roll to my belly every night, only to find that I am laying on top of a bowling ball.

2.) Being pregnant gives you many rights that you never had before, like: taking the elevator up only one flight of stairs, eating ice cream ANYTIME you want, getting the front seat (even when someone else calls shotgun), and most important...acting crazy (blame it on the hormones).

3.) People will touch your belly whether you want them to or not. I figure...let em' touch it...shoot...I'm sure I won't even want to look at it once this baby is out.

4.) Pregnant clothes are MUCH more comfy than regular clothes. I am afraid that I won't want to make the transition back to button up jeans once it's time.

5.) Waking up 4 times to go to the pee is normal. Falling asleep on the toilet...is not, BUT-it's pretty darn convenient and saves you that extra trip to the bathroom later.

There's my Deep Thoughts..by Michele Lynn-Dick Bookie.

The End.


Thursday, June 29

I have a problem. I haven't had red meat/pork in about 14 years. Now, at almost 32 weeks pregnant...I want a McDonald's cheeseburger.

As I am explaining my dilemma to my friend Brandie, she tells me about the fryburger.

You order a cheeseburger (no meat), and add french fries. So...I tried it!

It's not exactly what I remember a cheeseburger tasting like, but I do believe it did the trick! I don't want cheeseburgers...or fryburgers anymore!

So, when in doubt...make do. Now, if I can only find an adequate substitute for the ice cream that I want every minute of every day.

The End.

Wednesday, June 28, 2006

The nursery isn't done, and I'm still a few weeks from having this little one, but I think I am done. I'm not sure, but I think that I have experienced almost everything there is to experience in regards to pregnancy. I wake up AT LEAST 4 times a night to pee. I toss and turn all night. I can feel my little girl stretching into my ribs and my pubic bone at the same time. Sometimes I feel like I might have a foot-shaped bruise imprinted just to the right of my belly button. Only about 8 weeks left, but I sure hope they go fast..or I wish that I could at least sleep them away.

Being pregnant has been pretty easy, so I can't really complain...but I'm ready to be done for sure.

The End.


Friday, May 12, 2006

...I am nesting. Well...not your traditional nesting, but I am shopping/nesting.

It's garage sale season. I have never been a big "saler", but I have become addicted. My child still has about 3 more months of belly time, and I have purchased more clothes for her than I have for myself.

I think I have a sickness. My baby is going to be the most frugally, but best dressed kid around.

So, if you see me lurking in your neighborhood, call Baby Clothes Anonymous...because I need help.

The End

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Current mood: contemplative

When I was in high school (and smaller than I am now). I wore this cute little two piece bathing suit to Cedar Point. I remember standing in line with my friends, and measuring who had the deepest belly button. I won by a landslide.

Now..I am six months pregnant. You would think that this baby inside me would help push the belly button out. NOPE. I still have a CRAZY deep belly button. It's insane to me...I swear that if I push in it, I will turn inside out.

That's my pregnant rant for the day. That...and my unborn daughter keeps kicking me directly in the "you know what".

The End


Monday, April 10, 2006

Current mood: excited

GIRL!!!! We are so excited. I'm not surprised. I had a feeling all along that we were having a girl. I think that Chris is still reeling from the idea of having a daughter. He's already starting to "bulk" up for her first date. We got to see her kicking and punching and rolling all over the place. I think she is going to be a drummer just like her daddy.

Have fun everyone.