Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Gro Babies Cloth Diapers

Chris and I have decided to cloth diaper the new baby, but are still researching the options out there. My sisters used cloth diapers as babies, but the new types of diapers have come a LONG way! Now, they have removable inserts, snaps, velcro and can be used from infant all the way through toddler/potty training. We figure that we will save at least $400-$600 by using cloth diapers. The biggest reason that I plan to cloth diaper is for environmental reasons. I used disposable diapers for Avery, and I figure that I've added way too much to the landfills already.

With all that said, I'm debating between a few different types of cloth diapers. I've received positive feedback in regards to BumGenius diapers, and have heard good things about Fuzzibuns too. I'm really intrigued by diapers made by work at home moms, but it's hard because they don't come with a lot of referrals. I also really like the idea of GroBaby diapers. We found them at our local baby boutique yesterday, and I love that they are organic, natural and come with snap in liners, so I only have to change the liners instead of the whole shell every diaper change. This leads to a lot less washes. Also, because the shells don't have to be changed everytime, we don' t have to buy as many diaper shells.

GroBaby is doing a free giveaway right now, so I am hoping to get a diaper to try out for myself. http://www.thenaturalbabyco.com/grobaby%E2%84%A2-ic-11_16.html

Let's hope it all works out! I still have to convince Chris about the cloth diapering...I think he's a little tentative about dealing with the nastiness.

Any suggestions out there are readily accepted!


Janella said...

We used bum genius for a year and a half, and loved them. I think we had 18 that we cycled through. Near the end the valcro started to go on a couple, they weren't unusable, but they were on their way out. We stopped using them when we got our puppy, it's not the best excuse in the world, but it's the one that I'm using:) When the new baby comes in November we will be switching back to the cloth.

Willo said...

You will find what works best for you. I just wanted to say GOOD FOR YOU! Making a commitment to help your child and your environment is admirable!

abby said...

Love Bum Genius... not so in love with gro-baby. I too was in love with the idea of the 'snap-in soaker pad' but they leak more for us and stain WAY more, and they keep the wetness on the skin unlike the pocket diapers. And, I've not had a single leak or stain on my Bum Genius. Everyone says you will find what's best for you... I'm too opinionated for that... Bum genius are best. I wish someone had told me not to waste my money on the gro-babies... But FREE I LIKE. For FREE I'll try anything. So I hope you get one!

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