Friday, May 22, 2009

Klompin' Dee

I'm way behind...I admit it. The Holland Tulip Time festival was the first week in May, and here I am...weeks later...finally posting about it.
For those of you that don't know, Tulip Time is a HUGE event around us. While I've only been to the parade (and ate lots of good food), this year, we made our way out to see some good ole' fashioned Dutch Dancing. It was a lot of fun...the costumes were really something to see and the dancing was really interesting!

I have to admit that the real reason that we went to see this fantastic spectacle, was because we know our very own DUTCH DANCER! Chris's stepmother, Denise, participated in this year's alumni dance. They performed every evening for a week (and sometimes twice). I didn't know what to expect...and this really surpassed any expectations that I might have had. There were hundreds of dancers that lined the street and did the same dance. Some were VERY serious, while others seemed to have a lot more fun (Dee included). We were so proud of her, and felt very authentic walking around with her in her costume and eating carnival food after the dancing.
....and the best part about the whole night? CARNIVAL LEMONADE! I could seriously drink my weight in carnival lemonade. I's equal parts sugar, lemon juice and much better can you get?
Oh yeah...back to the was great fun! Here...see for yourself!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Two Avery from today....

Me: Avery, you have to put on pants to go outside.
Avery: I don't want to wear's warm out.
Me: Everyone does not want to see your bear butt.
Avery: Jesus loves my butt

Today is the first time that I let Avery go outside to play without me. She thought that she was pretty hot stuff! Of course, I watched her closely from the window and had my shoes on, ready to run outside. Avery spotted me spying on her and said "Mom...don't watch me. I'm BIG!"

You spin me right round like a record

I often say that there are certain phrases that I should just record so that I can just push play nad save myself the breath. Here's a list of the multiple phrases that I say OVER AND OVER AND OVER to the kids on any given day:

Don't pick your nose.
Go get a kleenex.
DO NOT put your finger in your mouth!
Stay in the backyard.
Please use your nice words.
What do you say? (answer: Please or Thank You)
Practice your patience!
Please sit down to eat.
Two more bites.
Please chew with your mouth closed.
Put Maggie (our kitty) down.
Choose your attitude carefully!
Be Gentle!
Slow down.
Hurry up.
You're being silly.
Time Out!
I Love You!

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Happy Birthday Brandie!

Today is a very special is one of my closest friend's birthday. Brandie and I met in grad school at NCSU. She was my host when I came to campus to interview, and we were able to become friends when I came back the following fall. After knowing Brandie for just a few days, she decided to "swat" me on the bottom (baseball player style). I didn't realize this, and stopped in my tracks...causing her to take a handful of my butt. Brandie was afraid that by touching my butt, she had lost me as a friend forever, but I knew that I had made a forever friend! In honor of my butt-grabbing bud, here is a top 10 things to know about Brandie:

1.) She is a fashionista (who also wears Crocs and Uggs and old T-shirts)
2.) She has an enormous shoe collection. ( Luckily, we wear the same size, although my feet are much fatter!)
3.) She is married with 2 kids (Alex and should recognize their names).
4.) She and her husband are just like Carrie and Doug from King of Queens.
5.) She worked as a hostess in the food industry for ONE day, but has been able to work with college students for over 12 years.
6.) She was a dancer for many many years, and can still do a jitterbug-type dance that leaves us on the floor laughing.
7.) When something is really funny...She has a contagious, crazy and very LOUD laugh.
8.) She has an eye for a bargain. She finds the greatest stuff at garage sale prices! She also has the patience of a saint when it comes to waiting for something to go on sale at Target.
9.) She can bake a MEAN brownie!
10.) She has become an additional sister to me. Avery LOVES her, and we all consider her family.

Love you Brandie...Happy Birthday!

(By the way...I totally stole this blog idea from Anne!..Thanks Anne!)