Monday, March 23, 2009

Smack it up, Crack it, Rub it down...oh no....

So, I have a confession. I don't have back problems. I mean, they aren't chronic or anything, but I do get sore in the morning after sleeping funny all night. Being pregnant can be a delicate balancing act of pillows and physics in order to stay comfortable. I have to use what Chris calls a "husband barrier". There's the pillow between my knees, one under my belly and one to support my back, this is all in addition to the one under my head. With all of this, I still wake up sore from attempting to NOT sleep on my belly or my back. BUT, even with the pregnant sleep (or non-sleep), my back is OK...a little sore but not too bad.

However, this has not stopped me from taking advantage of my husband's awesome insurance which offers 38 chiropractic or massage therapy appointments a year. This works out to more than 1 appointment every other week, and at least one per week for the rest of my pregnancy...HELLO PEOPLE..why would I NOT take advantage of this? I had my first appointment last week, and I LOVED IT. I met Dr. Hartman, and thought..there is no way that this little guy is going to make this big girl crack, but he did. Just by watching me stand and bend over, and move my neck, he was able to see where I wasn't aligned. He had me lay down and manipulated my body into all sorts of different positions. At one point, while laying on my back, he took my leg and stretched it as far toward my chest as he could, and remarked "'re pretty flexible". I replied "um..thank you"...this flexibility is what got me pregnant to begin with.

Then, he took me to this magic table and manipulated my body until it cracked in all the right places. I loved it. I even loved the whiplash move that cracked my neck. It felt like such a nice release. After being cracked and stretched, I got to get my massage. Now, I am not ashamed to say that the only reason that I originally went to the chiropractor was to get the massage. Shoot, if you have to crack all bones in my body, and it ends with a massage, I say do it. I would live in a full body cast if it means that I get a good rub down.

After all of the cracking, I moved into the dimly lit, soft music playing room. It was wonderful. My spine and muscles have been contorted, so it was nice to have a little quiet relaxing time. She did this one move where she applied pressure to the base of my neck, then released it, and it felt like I was floating for a minute. Needless to was NICE!

So, after everything was said and done, I made my next appointment for today! (less than one week later!) This is definitely going to be a regular occurrence!

*Note...I had my appointment today, and it was also wonderful. Unfortunately, lifting a 2 year old sort of ruins a nice massage pretty quickly. BUT, the nice thing is that I only have to wait a week for another one!


tania said...

Wow, that is a great benefit! You should definitely take advantage!

Willo said...

That is an awesome benefit!!!

Heather said...

Travis took me to get a prenatal massage like 3 months before I was due and it was amazing!! You're totally smart in taking the advantage that you need right now!