Thursday, March 26, 2009

Pregnant List

I realized that I haven't really done a blog on being pregnant, other than the original post...and food posts. So, here is the pregnant list form.

1.) We decided NOT to find out what we are having. It's been tempting to break down and know, but I keep thinking of the day when the baby is here, and how exciting it will be to have a surprise.

2.) Speaking of dates...we are scheduled for a July 27 due date. We'll know the exact time at my next appointment. We are going on vacation in Elk Rapids from July 11-July 18, so I'll have just enough time to come home and obsess about having the baby 9 days later.
***Added news...we are scheduled for a 7:30am surgery. This means that I need to be to the hospital by 5:30, which means that I need to wake up at 4am. So much for my good night's sleep before I'm a mama of 2.

3.) This baby is a mover and a shaker. I can feel him/her dancing in there just about everyday. The movements aren't big enough for Avery or Chris to feel yet, but it could be any day now. He/She has a unique ability of kicking me DIRECTLY in the bladder at least 75% of the time. We even saw the baby kick my bladder during the last ultrasound.

4.) I'm getting HUGE! It's getting more and more difficult to attempt to sleep. The pillow configuration is interesting, and doesn't always stay in place. It's especially tough when Avery steals a pillow to sleep on.

5.) As tough as it has been to NOT find out the sex of the baby, it's only getting tougher. I thought "hmm...I just need to get through this 20 week ultrasound"...then, I find out I need another ultrasound, because the baby isn't being cooperative. THEN, I find out that I need another more advanced ultrasound because the baby didn't let either tech see it's heart or spine. STINKER! So, now I've had to fight off the temptation, not one, but THREE times.

6.) Probably the most exciting news is that we've narrowed down the names! Here are our far:
Girl: Adeline or Lillian
Boy: Carter or Everett

I'll post some ultrasound pictures, and if I'm brave, I might post a belly pic too...we'll see how my confidence is that day.

...and one non-pregnancy related note. Does anyone else think that Dora's map is extremely annoying. I think that map is a know-it-all, and really gets under my skin. It really bugs me when he says "do you know the way to blueberry hill? Well, I know the way to blueberry hill." Shut it map!


Alyssa said...

1. Giving birth itself is enough of a surprise for me, therefore I know I will always find out the sex as soon as I can.

2. Cool names. Much like Diesner, I imagine it's not all that easy to come up with names that go with Bookie. Good job.

3. Both "Map" and "Backpack" can jump off a cliff as far as I'm concerned. They are the main reasons I am driven to Diego. Of course then I have to deal with friggin' Rosie Perez as "Camera"...why can't Nate just sit and watch "The Soup" with me?

MLDB said...

Yeah, Rosie is annoying, but Diego's rescue pack is totally someone that I could hang out with!

amanda said...

I vote for Lillian and Everett. Carter is soooo popular around here. And Everett is different. And I just love Lily. Love it.

Yes. The map is beyond annoying. And I also would enjoy hanging out with Diego's rescue pack. Every time I hear the song I think of Ricky Martin. And honestly, when I miss that part of the show I'm a little bummed out. And sometimes consider rewinding it. WHOAH. Did I just admit to that?!

Diane said...

I love love love the name Lillian...if I ever decide to have kids, that will be my girls name, for sure. it's in the family.

well I am excited you hare having another kid! congrats!! Keep up the blog...I love hearing your need to write a book.

diane wrightman.

tania said...

Our baby would have been Everett had she not turned out to be a girl. So we may have sons with the same name some day.

I love the name Lillian.

MLDB said...

I thought that I remembered having a conversation with you about the name Everett. Chris and I are still torn. I think I'm leaning toward Everett as opposed to Carter, but who knows. I like the "V" in the names.

tania said...

Yep, we talked about it when I was pregnant. Our name options were Everett Caleb and Isabelle Marian. Clearly we know the outcome!