Monday, March 2, 2009

Sean and Stephanie sitting in a tree...

Well folks, it finally little brother is engaged! Our family couldn't be happier. We all absolutely LOVE Stephanie.

Chris, Avery and I were in Romulus for the weekend, because we were planning to surprise Sean for his birthday (which is March 6), party on Sunday. There was a lot of deception involved to keep up our ruse, and I'm not proud to say that I had to tell more than one lie. My mom took Chris and Avery and I to Disney on Ice on Saturday night (which was also the night of Sean and Steph's anniversary dinner). So, we thought maybe we'll get a call with some exciting news while we're watching Tinkerbell! Sure enough, we go the call. I cried...I mean cried hard when I heard the story. I can tell that they are completely thrilled, and we are all excited. They are a true love story.

I will leave the details of the proposal up to Sean and Stephanie to share, but I will say that I was shocked, stunned and overall very proud of the sweet romantic side that Sean showed. He is a true gentleman, and a very sweet (now) fiancee.

Here are a few things about Sean and Steph as a couple.
1.) They truly compliment each other. Sean is laid back, and Stephanie can get a little more anxious...they have both met in the middle and are better versions of themselves.
2.) They seem to get each other...quirks and all. They fully support each others' habits, addictions (HOLY STARBUCKS), and all around lifestyle.
3.) They have already become a part of each others' families. Steph's family loves Sean, and as I already said...we adore Steph. Don't get me started on their love for their nieces and nephews. I'm not sure, but Uncle Sean may be up there with Franma as Avery's favorite person. Steph's nephew and niece are also completely sweet and love their Tee-Tee.
4.) They are so completely and obviously in love. I've never seen Sean so attentive, loving and smitten with anything or anyone. They are always holding hands, gazing at each other and poking fun. They spend a lot of time laughing, and I can tell that they are happier when they are together than they have ever been apart.
5.) They foster each other's independence, and strive to be better. I'm amazed by the change that I've seen in my brother. I've always thought that he's great, but I definitely love him as a friend now too.

We also had a surprise party for Sean on Sunday (which was totally overshadowed by their big news!). It was nice to have both families together only one day after he "popped the question". We were all able to compare stories and ideas and see the ring in person!

See their happy faces? Check out the did good!

And, while we're at it....won't these two be absolutely adorable as Flower Girl and Ring Bearer? (The little boy is Stephanie's nephew, Evan).


JessLitLvr said...

I was psyched when I heard the news! Completely speechless...well, almost

K-Boogie said...

An amazing couple! They are both very lucky to have each other!!

tania said...

Congrats to Sean!! And to you, for the new sister joining your family.

Debbie said...

I am thrilled, and this will be the only daughter-n-law I will have. Right now Chris is my utmost favorite son-n-law,
Love mom