Monday, March 9, 2009

July 2

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I know that our anniversary is months away, but with all of the wedding planning going on with Sean and Stephanie, I've done a lot of reminiscing about our wedding a few years ago.
(Let me put it in writing here, that this is going to be one BEAUTIFUL wedding....if you look past the big bridesmaid wearing magenta. I'm going to strap myself to my elliptical to get rid of this baby weight...and then some)

Chris and I dated for 2 years before getting engaged (I'll write about my engagement story in another post), but knew after only 2 months that we would end up married. Chris was exactly what I needed in my life but I didn't realize was missing, and when we finally started dating my life seemed to make more sense. He and I both were old enough to know ourselves pretty well. We had worked out a lot of our quirks with other relationships, and knew what things in our lives were negotiable, and what things were solid. We talked about politics, religion and our future...all on the first date. So, needless to say...I knew what I was getting into, and I liked it.

Fast forward 2 years and 8 months to our wedding day...the most important day of my life. I loved my wedding. We tried to get a lot of people involved, while also attempting to make it classy and comfortable. We wanted it to be "us", and something that showed our how much we loved each other. The days leading up to our wedding day were hectic, and a little overwhelming, but also completely wonderful. Back then, I was looking forward to the most important day of my life. But, I can honestly say that I didn't exactly know why it was going to be so important until a couple of years later.

Now, after traveling with Chris, and having a baby with him, and buying a house, and making friends, and losing friends, and through family issues and scares, and all of the other ups and downs of marriage, I've realized WHY July 2 is the most important date to us. July 2, 2005 was the beginning. It was the beginning of Avery (who is our heart), and the new baby on the way. Without July 2, there this world would be missing one spunky, fiesty, smart and beautiful little girl. Without July 2, we wouldn't be in a house we love, with neighbors that we adore. Without July 2, there wouldn't be great get-togethers with inlaws, or fun times with our collective friends. Without July 2, there wouldn't be us fighting for the covers at night or cold feet in the morning. Without July 2, there wouldn't be long discussions about our future, or our finances, or how we are going to raise our kids. Without July 2, "us" as we know it would not exist.

I loved my wedding, but I've loved my life since my wedding even more. July 2 is just one day, but it is the most defining day of our lives.

Chris wrote me a song and had our friend Justin Avery surprise me by singing it at our wedding. The words speak exactly to the way I view our marriage. I look forward to holding hands when we are 60, and stealing little kisses when we are 70, and stealing covers when we are 80. I really look forward to growing old with him and spending a lot more July 2 together.


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I agree; this was beautiful. BTW, when did they decide on magenta? I feel so out of the loop! I want details!

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This was a nice read :-) Did Sean and Stephanie set a date?