Wednesday, March 18, 2009


For those of you that know me, you know a few things:

1.) I love to eat (and it shows). I mean, I really enjoy eating a good meal.
2.) I love to try new foods, and I LOVE new recipes that I make up.
3.) I can pore over menus and recipes and other food related items.
4.) I watch Food TV all the time. Food Network, Top Chef and the new Chopping Block are some of my favorites (although I have been known to threaten to punch Sandra Lee in the neck).

So, it is no surprise that my love for food is only intensified with my pregnancy. While I've stated before that I don't really have cravings, I could eat some of the same things on mass quantities and for days on end. Here are my favorites this time around:

Orange Juice. I could drink my weight in OJ. We don't usually keep it in the house, and I purposely haven't bought any for the house because I would drink it straight from the bottle until it was gone. I'm pretty sure that much acid wouldn't help out my heartburn.

Potato Chips. I love chips and dip, BUT it has to be certain dip. The dip MUST be french onion, made specifically with sour cream. Don't try to pass off that sweet tasting stuff, or you might end up with it back. As for chips, any chips will do, but I prefer to stick close to my roots. Detroit's Better Maid chips are the best chips out there. I can eat an entire bag of BBQ chips all by myself. They still do the great BBQ, as opposed to that crazy mesquite BBQ nonsense.

Mexican Food. I ate Mexican Food (Taco Bell, Homemade and On The Border) for four days in a row...sometimes lunch AND dinner. The four day bender didn't deter me from my favorite food. Burritos and tacos and empanadas...OH MY!

Roasted Potatoes. I've made them three times this past week (both russet and sweet), and could eat and eat and eat them! Just a little olive oil, salt and pepper and extra crispy in the oven...LOVE IT!

Breakfast. One Egg, over medium. One slice of wheat toast. One pancake with maple syrup. 1/2 order of hashbrowns. 2 slices of bacon....please.

Whopper Jr. with cheese.
(please do not look at the nutrition information) I craved McDonald's Cheeseburgers with Avery, but this time, I love me a Whopper Jr. with cheese. So good...thank you flame broiled goodness!

Speaking of fast food....
McDonald's Sweet Tea is SOOOO good..but it has more than my daily intake of sugar AND caffeine.

Tomatoes. I can eat them like apples. Nuff' said.

Looking at that list, it's amazing that I've only gained 2 pounds so far.

So, those have been my favorites so far. Don't get me started on how excited I am for the great fresh fruits and veggies that summer will bring. I can live off of fresh corn, tomatoes and watermelon!

Speaking of fresh fruits and veggies...we decided to join a farming co-op this summer. We'll get our veggies from a local farm, and live off of organic, seasonal goodness this summer. We're hoping that it will encourage us to eat better, try new things, and eat at home more. I'll let you know how it works out. I'm really looking forward to working with the Swiss Chard....who knows what fun new recipes I'll find! We've also joined some of our neighbors to have hydroponic lettuce delivered once a week. I'm really excited to get our first delivery next will be yummy salads all around! more food on the way. It's a pregnant woman's dram come true.


Mes Yeux Seulement said...

Reading your blog made me hungry!

JessLitLvr said...

Now I'm going to make some breakfast...

tania said...

I agree with you on two items - I looove to eat and I love to try new food. But I stress out over recipes, own cookbooks that I've never opened (gifts), and I don't like the Food Network. But surprisingly, Top Chef is one of my favorite shows.

I love the idea of a farmer's co-op. I've been meaning to see if there is one in Encinitas we could join. But I haven't even checked out the weekly farmers market yet. We're terrible.

Willo said...

Good for you joining a co-op! And any time you want to come over here and unleash your food love you are welcome!

amanda said...

I love food too. It's probably the only thing that really drives me. When I was pregnant this time around it was chocolate milk, chocolate cake and blueberries. With Jack it was anything with hot sauce, Twizzlers, Squirt and German chocolate cake. And for both pregnancies anything lemon. And Mexican!!