Sunday, April 5, 2009

Our Spring Break Itinerary...

Well folks, it's Spring Break around here, and there is going to be a lot going on! First, I have a houseful of kids...well...three, but three can be a lot, especially when the house is (finally) clean, and it's going to be cold and snowy outside for the first part of the week. On top of that, Chris is going to be working on the basement, so sending the kids downstairs to play is out! The answer...make plans! I wanted to plan one fun thing for each day, AND use my resources so that it wouldn't break the bank. We also had to work around lunchtime (unless we pack) and work around the Avery's nap schedule. Here's our itinerary for the week. We would LOVE company and visitors!

Monday- Movie Day/ I'll be taking the kids to Family Video to choose movies. Movies start at 11am and 3:30pm. (it's going to be 36 and snowy)

Tuesday- Children's Museum/We have a membership available. We could also bring 2 more people for free if you want to tag along. We'll be leaving around 10am and plan to return by 12:30 for lunch. (35 and snowy)

Wednesday-Frederick Meijer Gardens-/Butterfly Exhibit and Children's Gardens. We also have a membership and could bring 2 more adults for free. We're leaving at 10:30 and be coming home by 1pm. (47 and partly cloudy)

Thursday-Movies at the Mall/Despereax is for kids/$2.50 for adults. We have a few coupons for snacks too. Movie time is 11:30. (49 and partly cloudy)

Friday-Art at home/play outside! We are getting a few big canvases and paint and plan to have the kids make some really fun paintings to potentially hang in our basement. All day fun! (51 and partly cloudy)

So, if you want to be a part of some or all of the events, give me a call. We would love the company! me...I could use a little adult interaction!


Heather said...

Really. If you would like company or even a little help,just shout.

Amanda said...

This is great... what a plan. I need a plan too. This is going to be such a long week. And I've gone and tied us down to the potty.