Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Quotables...part 2.

Things were a little slow over the holidays. Not that there weren't funny things said, it's just that I forgot to write them down and quickly forgot them. So, I'm attempting to remember them's a few gems for you.

Me: (Stepping funny on kitchen squeaks and sounds like someone passed gas)

Cal: Hello Chris

Me: Cal, Chris isn't here (it's 10:15am)

Cal: Oh, I thought I heard him toot.

Me: Avery, time for lunch

Avery: I not hungry.

Me: You have to be hungry, you haven't eaten anything all day.

Avery: I eat Play-Doe

Me: (Great...another rainbow diaper to change...seriously, how can she LIKE that stuff?)


Cal: Michele, are you the boss of this house?

Me: Yes Cal, I am. (ask Chris)

Cal: My mom is the boss of two houses now.

Cal: So, she is more important.

Me: Thanks Cal.


Avery: Cal, you in my chair.

Cal: I was here first.

Avery: No, I was here first. Get up RIGHT NOW. I count to three.

Cal: No




Avery: Mommy, I watch Da-da-da-da-da-Dora? (no, she doesn't have a stutter, she just thinks that's Dora's name..because of the song.)

Me: Avery, let's go pee pee on the potty.

Avery: No, I no need to go.

Me: Avery, it's time to go potty.

Avery: No, Mommy, I just making lots of toots. (Why do so many conversations revolve around gas?)

I know that there are a lot more out there. I really have to remember to write these down.


Schavey Family said...

I love your favorite is cal thinking Chris was there because he thought he heard him toot....No need to worry The Schavey family has a lot of conversation around gas too :)

Call me lets get together.


tania said...

LOL! Love the fact that Cal thought Chris was tooting in the kitchen...

CMB said...

I don't really understand why Cal links a fart sound to should be the sound of coolness...if it had a sound to notify him of my presence.