Tuesday, January 20, 2009


I started a blog yesterday that attempted to chronicle all of the feelings that were building up inside of me. I sat on the floor with Avery and Cal, each sitting on my lap. I cried. I mean, I didn't just get teared up...I cried, big ole' huge tears that made my chest hurt and my throat close. It was the best feeling in the world. On the other hand, it's hard to type with two kids on my lap and through tear-filled eyes.

So, here is the blog that I intended yesterday. I imagine that you could do a quick search in blog-world and find about a million blogs specifically dedicated to this topic.

I am in awe. I am completely and utterly stuck in that wonderful moment. I explained to both Avery and Cal that something very important was happening. We were not only getting a new president, but a new start. I told them that because this great man was elected by a lot of grown ups, that the future will be better for THEM. I hugged Avery and told her that she can be and do whatever she wants with her life, and for the first time, I believed it! I think Avery was a little confused to see me crying. She asked..."Mama, why eyes crying?", and I told her that I was crying because I couldn't hold all of my happiness inside, so I had to let it come out in tears. I cried the same way on my wedding day, and on the day she was born.

I built up such an anticipation in the kids that they watched intently and quietly as the TV announced all of the former presidents and first ladies..and finally President Obama was there. He stood so regal and serene and confident and reflective, all by himself on top of those few steps. Cal asked, "Is that brown man the new King?". I said "yes, and this is a very good time for us!" Avery asked "Where is Bawack's O Mama". When she spotted him, she said, "Oh...pretty".

I watched as Joe Biden, and then Barack Obama were sworn in, and I thought "THIS, this is MY President."

I cried, and I cried, and I cried some more as he spoke about our children's children looking back at our generation and recognizing how we persevered. I was moved beyond belief. I held on too tight to Avery and Cal, and cried as I thought about all of the things that I can do better for them both. I realized that the hope that President Obama brings to this nation, is just what we need to provoke good action. I recognized that it is not his responsibility alone, but all of our's to be responsible and accountable to our kids. I know that he will make some wrong decisions, and that over time President Obama make take a misstep or two, but I also know that he will attempt to do his job with integrity, and with a good heart and strong mind. I feel hopeful, and confident in him. I know that if we as a country are able to stand up to the same moral responsibility as President Obama has sworn to, then we will all be better people and a better collective country.

I'm so glad that Chris, Avery and I get to experience this all as a family too. Our new baby will never know of a time, where prejudice and discrimination kept someone from the White House. Chris wrote a sweet letter to Avery on his blog. Check it out if you want at www.captaincmb.blogspot.com.

Now, I am watching Avery and Alex and Cal play in our living room, and I see the future in them. I thank Barack Obama and the people that voted for him, because just his presence has chipped another hole in the glass ceiling, and has opened up another world of possibilities for Avery and all other kids.


tania said...

I couldn't have said it better myself, Michele. I sat on the living floor with Isabelle on my lap and we watched the swearing in and the inaugural address together. I was also going to blog about it yesterday but I just couldn't find the words! And I was too mesmerized by what was happening on TV.

Willo said...

That's beautiful Michele! I too was crying and Tucker was confused. It's hard to explain to little ones, but I think they get it. I think they have always been the embodiment of the hope we now feel.

job said...