Friday, January 30, 2009

Friday Quotables...

So, I have the 3 year old boy back. I haven't had him here since Christmas, and he is back for a one day engagement. It's been interesting to have him back here, especially since the other 2 kids seem to have a love/hate relationship with him. In honor of M-Dog (I am not including his real name...cause I haven't checked with his mom) here are some quotables from the short time that he has been here.

Cal: "M-Dog's" here! Avery..let's hide from him.
Avery: No...we hug him first...then we hide.

(Avery, Cal and M-Dog are playing in the play kitchen)
Cal: Avery, M-Dog...are you thirsty?
Avery: Yes, I have juice please.
M-Dog: I have juice too?
Cal: No, I'll make you a Soy Latte.

M-Dog: I'm playing with Legos.
Michele: Great job're making that building really tall!
M-Dog: I know...and it has missles!
Cal: I know what a missle's when you miss your mom a little.

Avery: Mommy...I.Love. You!
Me: Thank You Avery....I love you so much!
Avery: You get me milk now?

Cal: Michele, your breath stinks.
Me: What? I just brushed my teeth...and had an Altoid!
Cal: Oops...that was me...I made a stinky toot.

and...for an added bonus, here is a conversation between Cal and his sister Alex and I after picking them up from school....

Me: How was school today kids?
Alex: I had my clip moved up today (it's her teacher's warning system).
Me: Why did you have your clip moved up today?
Alex: Because Logan lied.
Cal: I don't like that Logan, do you want me to take care of this Logan business?
Alex: You can't Cal, because Logan is big and he will wrestle you.
Cal: Oh...I don't want to wrestle Logan. Now, I'm scared. I don't want Logan to come to my class and wrestle me.
Alex: No...Logan is not nice.
Me: Alex, if Logan bothers you again, you tell him "Logan, you are not important enough to bother me."
Cal: And if THAT doesn't work, I'll wrestle him!


Willo said...

Cal is officially my new favorite person. I could seriously probably listen to him (or read about him) all day long. You tell his mom I am a little jealous.

JessLitLvr said...

That is, as usual, adorable. How do you keep from laughing at times like these?

Michelle said...

Oh too funny. I love all the quotables you get all the time if you're paying attention. You most definitely are!

And thanks so much for stopping by my blog yesterday on my SITS day. I had so much fun and am still wading through wonderful comments. I hope you enjoyed yourself and that you come back to visit soon!

Michelle said...

I knew I was going to forget. Go to -- you can order them there. They're really good (even I'll eat 'em).

Mes Yeux Seulement said...

I was cracking up at these, as usual. Friday Quotables are my favorite postings!

tania said...

Soy Latte!! HA! Oh, out of the mouths of three year olds...