Saturday, January 17, 2009

Random things that gross me out on a Saturday night....

Ha ha...I said "gross me out", "like gag me with a spoon". I just had a flashback to 8th grade.

Anyway, here's shortened list of all things that I find gross or creepy, or just give me that heeby-jeeby feeling in my stomach...

The words moist, dollup, and anything referring to the female genitals other than their proper name (vagina...or pee pee if you're Avery).

Really Long Hair- Like the kind that comes past your butt and is unhealthy and stringy at the bottom and comes to a V.

Anything related to the mucous that comes from your nose. Avery can puke in my hands, and I'm completely cool, but to watch her pick her nose sends me over the edge.

Fear Factor Eating Challenges- I could NEVER eat a fermented pig's uterus or live spider.

Really, really, really, full/messy cars- really creeps me out to see the junk piled up to the windows. The McDonald's cups, and old paper towels and random cans of green beans....yeck. There's a problem if no one can ride in the car with you.

The smell of BBQ sauce...and wet washclothes...and weird combinations of food...and dirty diaper pails mixed with Lysol....blech.

Changing a 3 year old's poopy diaper...makes me dry heave.

The random line of dust that lines the walls where the vacuum doesn't reach.

Dirty ears, especially if you can see the dirt/wax...yuck!

Dirt under finger nails.

I'm sure there's more. I have no idea why I decided to write this post...just a random thought that popped into my head. What grosses you out?


BoxcatAV said...

This is a pretty darn good list.

m o i s t is one of my least favorite words. I also avoid
p a n t i e s.

I'm grossed out by dirty hair, people who don't bathe (when they by all means have the funds to purchase cleansing agents), and the moldy coffee pot at work.

MLDB said...

Oh...mold..mold grosses me out too! Especially when I don't realize it's there, like the stuff I randomly found in Avery's bath toys.

tania said...

Funny, the nasal area grosses me out too. I don't care when Isabelle spits up on me and her dirty diapers aren't fun to change but I can tolerate them. But when I have to suction the gunk out of her nose in the morning, I seriously gag.

People's nasty feet gross me out too - there's nothing worse than when someone takes their shoes off and you can smell their feet from 3 feet away!

deaner2262003 said...

This was pretty funny and I agree with you on alot of them are few more are...
*People that pick at thier scabs or if they have a skin disease in public
*The smell of anchovies
*Other peoples morning breath
*When someone comes near you and you can smell where they work (like IHOP)
*The smell of that cherry air freshener for cars when its hot in the car
Just to name a few (ha) im sure I could go on...