Sunday, January 4, 2009

A different kind of Christmas list.

Well, I think it has been proven that I am not a professional "blogger". I have an uncanny ability to find something (anything) to do instead of blogging. It's not that I don't like it, it's just that I have sooo much that I want to write that I could spend hours and hours rambling on and on...and that wouldn't be good for you, me, or for the housework and snuggling that needs to be done.
So, following my friend Amanda's lead, I will get "listy", and give you some fun little tidbits, just to get caught up.

1.) Christmas-Came and went....and holy cow, it was a whirlwind! We had 4 different "Christmas's". The first was on December 14 with the Bookie family. We decided to only exchange gifts with the kids this year, and since there are only 2 little girls, they came home with LOTS of loot! It was a really great afternoon that was stress-free and a lot of fun!

Christmas 2 was the Lobbezoo Christmas on December 20 at our house. We had over 20 people in the house, with about 1/2 being kids. It was crazy and great! Tons of food and lots of presents. We have turned our basement into a temporary playroom, so the kids had a blast hanging out down there, and being as loud as they wanted. The hit of the night was the present we got for Andy (we choose names), which was an Air Hog helicopter. With our tall ceilings, it was the perfect place to try out the new toy.

Christmas 3 was our special family Christmas on Christmas Eve morning. You see, Santa called Chris this year and asked if he could come to our house a day early, and of course we said yes. So, on December 24th, we woke up to find that Santa had finished off his cookies and even drank the milk (this was VERY exciting for Avery), and left us lots of presents. Avery received Play-Doh and paints and a big Mickey Mouse and a Cabbage Patch and a dance-along camera that hooks up to the TV, and clothes, and ...and...and....the list goes on! After opening gifts and packing up the car, we headed to Romulus for Christmas #4.

Christmas in Romulus was wonderful again. We spent the night and woke up to find an insane amount of gifts. I mean, we are really blessed. Avery is so loved, and enjoyed hanging out on everyone's laps while opening her gifts and helping everyone else open theirs. Grandma Cox and Uncle Sean and Aunt Stephanie came over early in the morning, then everyone else (cousins, aunts, uncles, Grandpa Wilcox) came over for dinner and dessert. It was a houseful of fun and love. All of our Christmas's were so fun and relaxing...exactly the way we like it.

2.) Returning the plague!- We came home on the 29th and woke up on the 30th sick as a dog. Avery was well, but Chris and I were nasty. Luckily, my parents and sisters were heading up that afternoon, so Mom took care of Avery, while the rest of us took turns throwing up...totally disgusting.

3.) New Years Rockin' Eve- We spent another New Years in elastic. I've decided that it's the best way to party. My parents and sisters were in town, and our friends, the Tenneys and Christians came over. We made big pots of spaghetti, ate snacks, played games and wore our jammies. The kids had fun playing and watching movies, and we banged pots and pans at midnight....great way to escort in 2009.

I think I can speak for all three of us when I say that we are not excited to get back into the work/wake up/run around routine again. It's been really nice to have Avery wake up at 8:30, only to climb into bed with us as we all sleep in until 10:30am! Living with no showers, eating leftovers and wearing pajamas has been just what the doctor ordered.

Well, that exhausts the holiday list...I might have to do one or two more lists in order to get completely caught up. I promise to blog more regularly, so stay tuned. Plus....I get the boys back starting tomorrow, so there should be some funny stories to come.

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tania said...

Two comments - 1) you deserve a prize for hosting 20 people at your house for one of the Christmases! and 2) loving the idea of "New Years Eve in Elastic." I just may have to steal that from you.