Sunday, January 11, 2009

The Laundry Room...mission complete.

Now, all I have to do is the laundry....yuck!

Well, it only took us (mostly Chris) a couple of days to complete, but I am completely happy with it. Ever since our friend Trevor bought his house with lime green walls in the laundry room, I knew that I wanted something a little more "fun" in that room. I mean...laundry it should be done in a more happy environment.

This room seriously needed an overhaul. It is also one of the three bathrooms in the house, so it needed to be a little more open, and a little less...laundry-ish.

Here are the before pictures.
Before, there was little to now room between the toilet and the dryer. It was a little convenient, to sit down and fold clothes, but it wasn't exactly comfortable.

There were also open, cheap wire shelves that made the room look messy. We needed the storage, but didn't want all of the cleaning supplies and stuff showing. We also needed someplace to put the cleaning supplies that was up high, and away from the kids, and our "make-shift" old kitchen cabinet was NOT doing the trick. We took all that stuff out before the pictures were taken, but I think you get the idea.

So, we changed it. We painted it a dark blue color, added the white cabinets and counter top. I made the curtains for under the counter so we can put our laundry sorting system out of the way.

Finally, I put Avery's "coming home" dress in a shadow box (thanks for the idea Brandie), and have another box for baby #2's outfit too.

We might add a shelf and hanging rack above the counter...for some additional basket storage and a place to hang wet clothes, but we'll see. We're also planning to change out the vanity and putting in a deeper sink so it can be more of a utility sink, but that's a little further down the road.

So...this project is we need to get going on the rest of our never-ending to-do list, which includes:
Finish Basement (starting this spring...this is going to be a big one!)
Paint Front Porch (also this spring/summer)
Rearrange Avery's room to accommodate the new baby
Spring/Summer landscaping

I'm sure we'll add more soon!


Willo said...

It looks awesome Michele! You guys are so handy! I especially love the shadow box with her dress. That's great!

tania said...

Great makeover! I love the color you chose for the walls.