Monday, February 2, 2009

Character in a Character

These have been our favorite books for while...

Now, they made it into a show on Nickelodeon. Olivia is so sweet, and funny. I am assuming that this was based off of a real Olivia, or at least I hope so. I hope that a child exists with this much personality! I especially love it when she imparts her "life lessons", such as "Rule #452: When your mom is having a baby, and asks you whether you want a brother or don't always get what you want."

This is especially poignant, since just yesterday, I asked Avery whether she wanted mommy to have a little brother or a little sister...and she said "Little Brother". Then, I asked her what she wanted to name her little brother and she said "Sister". So, according to Avery, she will be having a little brother named Sister. Sorry don't always get what you want.

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Mes Yeux Seulement said...

Now tell the truth: is "Sister" better or worse than "Cletus the Fetus"?