Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Last of the embarassing saga.....

OK, so I'll name this installment of "only you Michele", as my Painful years. Here is a list (in no particular order), of times that I have hurt myself in some ridiculous matter.

1.) I broke three toes while chasing my sisters around the kitchen table. They were 5, and I was 18. I rammed my feet into the table base...and it HURT. My mom's first reaction was to laugh at me. The next day, she made me go to school without taking me to the Dr. I ended up going to the clinic, who referred me to the hospital for x-rays. My mom had meetings, so I had to drive myself to the emergency room....also painful!

2.) Also while in high school, I slipped at work and landed with both of my forearms on the HOT GRILL...causing 2nd degree burns on both of my arms. The next day, I went to King's Island...high on Tylonol 3....and rode all the rides! It was painful, but FUN!

3.) In college, I was rollerblading for the first time that year. I decided to visit some friends in their room (which was downstairs). I successfully bladed down up a few steps, then downstairs to their room. While standing (yes...just standing) in their room, I fell...and broke my leg...and spent the next 3 months in a cast.

Right after I had my cast taken off, I played summer softball on a team with my mom. Because I was running on a VERY WEAK leg that hadn't been used in 3 months, I ended up pulling my quad muscle. My mom yelled at me because I wasn't running fast enough. She almost got us kicked out of the church league.

4.) Chris and I spent 2 weeks driving to Seattle during our first summer dating. On our trip home, we stopped in Yellowstone, and drove about 1 hour north of the park to go on a "cowboy horseride". After the ride was over, I decided to change from my tennis shoes back into sandles. While I was kicking off my tennis shoe with my bare foot, I caught my big toenail on the shoe and tore it off. Well, I didn't exactly tear it off, It was still attached at the base, and stood at a 90 degree angle. We had to drive 2 hours to make it to the nearest open clinic in the park (while making a few scenic stops on the stops...hey...we were only going to be there for a day). They numbed my foot, and removed the nail. I cried...but not as hard as I cried the next day when we had to change the bandage. I begged Chris to take me to the hospital to numb my foot again so that I could change my band-aid. What can I say??? I'm a little dramatic.


tania said...

I've had the pleasure of ripping my big toenail off twice in my life. Sucks, doesn't it!

MLDB said...

Oh sucks...especially since during that time I really cared about a good pedicure (now I go MONTHS without painting my nails). I don't know what bothered me more, the pain, or looking at the nasty nail-less toe.

Willo said...

I think that's a great relationship test. Will your partner drive hours with you to be fixed without grumbling.