Friday, February 20, 2009

TV....My dark master

I have a problem... I love TV. I watch way too much. I don't watch it during the day (although it's always on...either on Noggin, Nick Jr, Disney, or the Sirius Kid's radio station). My problem is night time TV. Chris and I (mostly me) have our own TV schedule. Luckily, we have DVR, so we can stop and pause appropriately and work around Avery's schedule. Here is our sickening schedule...

Sunday: Desperate Housewives/Big Love/Flight of the Concords (we usually watch FOTC at a different time)
Monday: Big Bang Theory/How I Met Your Mother/Heroes
Tuesday: Biggest Loser/ Nip/Tuck
Wednesday: Lost/Top Chef
Thursday: The Office/30 Rock/Grey's Anatomy
Saturday: NOTHING

Now, this may be the official schedule, but let's not discount the assanine shows that I'll watch randomly, such as Wife Swap, America's Next Top Model, The Soup, Best Week Ever, Any stupid MTV or VH1 reality show (Why do I love the Real World/Road Rules challenge, or I Love Money? I'm 32 years old for God's sake!). I'm also a sucker for a marathon. I LOVE anything on Bravo, hello....Project Runway? Top Design? Sheer Genius? And don't get me started on E! Luckily, I haven't formed an addiction to the Law and Order/CSI series', but that doesn't mean that I won't watch it if I catch it! AND...WHY do they start another epison without a commercial break? It's brilliant, but bad all at the same time. Seriously people...I'm sick.
I need to go pick up a book before my brain turns to mush and my ass gets wider than it already is.

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Lisa said...

Your post made me loaugh out loud! Thanks for being REAL!!!! I"m a closet Real World watcher as well...and I'm 38!