Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Grown Up Christmas List...or Michele's Favorite things.

Let me start this blog by saying that I would of course prefer world peace, harmony among everyone, and no violence or poverty in the world. I feel the need to say this, because the following list is going to be full of materialistic and superficial things. Please don't think that I am selfish...I just like a nice list.

So, similar to Oprah, here are my favorite things, or things that I would like to be my favorite things....

Tastefully Simple Absolutely Almond Pound Cake Mix-
This is one of the easiest, tastiest dessert mixes out there. Just add a stick of melted butter and a cup of water, and it makes a tasty and simple dessert. I usually add a small handful of blueberries, and make a simple blueberry sauce for the top.

Swan Creek Snickerdoodle Candles- Makes the house smell like you’ve been baking all day.

OPI Nailpolish (I’m not really a waitress)
- I love this color. Avery loves to have her toenails painted, and I usually use this color You’re a Pisa Work for her. (By the way…I LOVE their names!)

Pureology SuperStraight Smoothing System – I have uncontrollable hair. It’s not the cutest curly hair, but is also not exactly straigt. Pureology make some great products…for both curly and straight hair. Not that I do more than a ponytail these days.

Johnson and Johnson Leave in Conditioner
- Avery's hair is curly...which makes it "interesting" to comb. I usually give her a bath at night, comb her hair while washing it, and then put this conditioner in her hair while toweling off. It smells great, and helps keep her curls bouncy and not full of snarls. I use it on my hair too. (By the way...when your 2 year old attempts to use it as "lotion", note that it does not rinse off very easily, and can make for a greasy carpet).

Bean By Bean Hazelnut Coffee – My neighbors founded this company, and have an amazing story. They work directly with the farmers in Guatemala and Nicaragua and pay fair wages to the farmers, as well as giving back to the community. Not to mention…it’s great coffee!

Tintero Moscato D’Asti – Our favorite wine…and it’s only $11! Chris pretty much ONLY drinks sweet white wines. This is one of the sweetest and best wines that we have found. We like to give it as a gift, and gave it out to many of our friends for our wedding. If you prefer red wine, then this is a great, cheap red… Folie a Deux Menage a Trois Red Wine.

Method Home Cleaning Supplies - Finally…since we bought the house, and have attempted to live more eco-friendly, I have grown to love Method cleaning supplies. The all-purpose cleaner is really all-purpose. I use it on EVERYTHING!

All in all, we have things pretty good around here, and this list is nothing but stuff, but some of this stuff makes life around here a little easier and a little more fun. I hope you enjoy the list, and leave a comment with some of your favorite things!


Sarah said...

Thanks for delurking! I am obsessed with Method brand as well! ha!

Willo said...

I am LOVING your blog. Method is awesome, but don't forget plain old vinegar and water...or vinegar and baking soda...some combination cleans EVERYTHING! And it's all I have ever used to clean our house. Two boys, 1 husband, and a dog later, I don't think anyone knows the difference. Plus it's CHEAP! Ok, I am done ranting. Way to go being eco-friendly!

tania said...

"I'm Not Really a Waitress" is also my favorite OPI nail color! I have a habit of going to the nail salon with the intention of choosing an adventurous color but leaving with INRaW on my toes...