Sunday, December 21, 2008

Birth (Snow) Day you want to know why I wasn't an English major in college? Well...take a good look at this blog. I blogged with ferver for the first week, then hit writer's block. How does someone get blogger's block after one week of blogging?

Considering that this is the 3rd anniversary of my 29th birthday and a snow day, I figured I would turn over a new leaf and hop back on the blogging bandwagon. Now...what to write about....hmmm.

Well, I'm 32. It's really funny to me how much difference there is in birthdays now that I'm a little older and have a kid. My birthdays have never been overly BIG. I mean, when you are born 4 days before Christmas, it's a little hard. It's tough to compete with Jesus...that guy wins every time. So, I am usually very happy with my family birthday. Today, this family birthday consisted of about 1 foot of snow, and staying in jammies all day. Avery and Chris made me breakfast in bed (a bagel, oatmeal and apples), then I sat on my butt all day, watching Elmo, Ocean's Thirteen, and nodding off throughout the day. We topped it off by ordering subs and spaghetti (after realizing that we had no food in the house), and are now watching Noggin with Avery.

By the way...if you've never watched Yo Gabba Gabba....TIVO it ASAP. DO NOT DRINK OR SMOKE ANYTHING BEFORE WATCHING THIS SHOW. I think the show itself is enough to make you feel high.

So, this birthday has been exactly what the Doctor ordered...sleep, TV, snuggling, and takeout. I love lazy days.

I've considered blogging a lot this past week, and just haven't gotten around to it. Here are a few of my ideas. Let me know what you think:

-The germ tree at the mall
-Children's television
-Christmas with the family
-Saint Margaret (our kitty, Maggie)
-100 things about me

I'll try my best to post more this upcoming week, especially since I won't be watching 2 additional kids...keep checking back, and don't give up on me yet!


Anonymous said...

Happy birthday!

I know what you mean about getting writers block when blogging; Anne is so good at blogging about anything and everything. Mine never seem exciting to me, but I guess the blog isn't for me! Anyhow, keeping's enjoyable to read. : )

tania said...

Okay, so Jason and I like to watch "The Soup" on E! on Friday nights, where they make fun of all things TV. They always show crazy clips from that Yo Gabba Gabba show, and we always wonder whether it's REALLY a kids show or whether it's truly for adults who want something to watch while smokin' a little somethin'....

tania said...

p.s. - I'd enjoy a "100 Things About Me" post. And if Maggie is anything like Murdock, some cat stories could be fun ;-)

BoxcatAV said...

Happy Day!

My biggest piece of advice with blogging is to just let it flow. Whatever you're thinking, let it out. (within reason, contrary to what some people think, I don't blog every thing). Think of it like a journal with your friends:)

A "100 things about me" blog would be very fun! I might even copy the idea.

Willo said...

Yo Gabba Gabba is insane. Tucker has never watched it but I had to on a HUGE TV once when I was watching a friend's kid. Wow.

Even with the less crazy shows Tucker watches I am glad the TV is in another less audible area of the house!