Friday, December 12, 2008

Friday Quotables

I should preface this post by letting you know that I watch 2 little boys (as well as Avery), so there are some pretty funny things that happen in our house. C is a 4 year old little boy, and provides me with tons of laughs.

Here's some of the latest and greatest "quotables" overheard coming from the Bookie house...

C: “I’m gonna toot in Maggie’s face.”
Me: “Oh no…that’s not nice..we don’t talk bathroom talk.”
C: “But I have to put my toots somewhere.”
Me: “Just let your toots go into the air, or better yet, go into the bathroom, turn on the fan and let em’ go.”

Avery : “I go see the buurrr.”
Me : “You want to see the bear?”
Avery: “No mommy, I go see the buurrrss.”
Me: “Ok…You want to go see the bears?”
Avery: “No Mommy…I see the BUURRR DAAS…tweet…tweet…tweet.”
Me: “Oh….the BIRDS! You are so much smarter than me.’

C: “Michele, Samariah is my girlfriend.”
Me: “Oh? I thought that Samantha was your girlfriend.”
C: “Oh…I just tricked her”

Me: “Avery, what would you like for breakfast?”
Avery: “Mac N’ Cheese”
Me: “We don’t eat mac n’ cheese for breakfast.”
Avery: “We have it for lunch?
Me: “We’ll see.’
Avery: …and dinner.”

C: “Michele, Maggie scratched my eye!”
Me: “Maggie doesn’t have front claws. How did she scratch you in the face?”
C: “I was putting her on my head.”

Me: “Kids, time for clean up.”
Avery: “No thank you.”
Me: “If you don’t clean up, you don’t make cookies with Mommy.”
Avery: “I clean cookies?”
Me: “No, Avery, you clean your books, then we will make cookies.”
Avery: “I eat cookies, and I clean cookies, and Mama read books.”
Me: “I appreciate your negotiation strategies, but it’s not going to work.”
Avery: “O-Fay…I clean books…….and cookies.”

(At the germ tree in the mall)
C: “ Michele, this is my new best friend” (pointing to random boy).
Me: “Oh yeah, what’s his name?”
C: “I don’t know?”
Me: “He’s your best friend, and you don’t’ know his name? Don’t you think you should learn his name?”
C: “I don’t need to know his name…he’s the red power ranger.”

These are just a few of the completely random conversations that take place around here. Stay tuned next week for such classics as "where do babies come from?", "look at my poop", and "smell my hand".


tania said...

OMG... I was reading these quotes to my mom and we are laughing out loud. My favorites are the cat on the head and the red power ranger :-)

MLDB said...

And..these are only the ones that I remember. I think I am going to start writing them down through the week. A few weeks ago, Cal smacked me on the butt and called me "Sugar Bear"...that's par for course here for us.