Saturday, December 6, 2008


So, I'm chopped liver. Grandma (or Franma-as Avery says it) is here. Which means that I officially don't exist.. There is some special bond between Avery and my mom. It may be that my mom was there right away after Avery was born, OR, it may be that I "mother" the same way my mom did, so she's comfortable. But, I think the real reason is that my mom is a kid at heart, loves Avery with her whole heart and gives her completely undivided attention. When Franma is around, Avery is in constant "go" mode, whether she's wrestling with Franma, or talking with her, or snuggling with her. My mom really makes Avery a better kid. Actually, I think my mom makes all of us better people. She works hard, and expects the same from us. She challenges us, and gives us honest advice, but supports us completely. She is loving and giving and is the best person that I know.

So, here's a little "ode" to my mom, and a few random facts about her:

-Mom doesn't like her back scratched or rubbed (isn't that weird?)

-She always has the most amazing tan in the summer, and spends a lot of time working outside.

-She is a breast cancer survivor, and went through 2 surgeries. After the second surgery, she didn't take any pain medication because she didn't like the way it made her feel. (she's a BEAST).

-She was (and still is) an awesome softball player (it's how she met my dad).

-She has been known to completely pin two 14 year old squirmy teenage boys to the floor...because they got in the way while she was watching Golden Girls.

-She likes the "Ernest goes to Camp", "Ernest saves Christmas", and "Airplane" movies...but doesn't like Jim Carrey...she says he's "too goofy".

-Her first reaction is to laugh at me whenever I hurt myself, THEN, she'll ask if I'm OK.

-She is NEVER wrong....just ask her.

-She's the best mom, and the most giving and loving Grandma.

So, mom...when or if you read this...thanks. Thanks for everything that you've done for me as a kid, as an adult and as a "Franma". We all love you more than you know.

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tania said...

OMG, Jason and my dad were just talking about "Ernest Saves Christmas" last night - which is funny because I hadn't thought of that movie in years and apparently my husband is just as big a fan as my dad. Scary.