Tuesday, December 23, 2008

By Popular Demand...(if popular means the 5 people that read this blog)

100 things about me…MLDB (as stolen from my old college roommate…Amanda).

1.) I love my family…and love to spend as much time as possible with them.
2.) I love food. Especially Mexican, Indian and comfort foods.
3.) I love to cook
4.) I like to read, and watch TV.
5.) I was born in Wayne, MI
6.) I lived there for 2 years (I don't remember it)
7.) We moved to Romulus, MI (about 2.5 seconds from the airport)
8.) My parents still live in that house…but have made lots of improvements (upstairs additions, pool, patio, garage etc..)
9.) They still don't have a hot tub, but finally got A/C this past summer.
10.) My mom is 5'4" and my dad is 6'8"
11.) I have one brother and twin sisters.
12.) My brother is funny...and tall like my dad
13.) My sisters' nicknames were oops #1 and oops #2 (or tootie).
14.) There is 10 years difference between my brother and sisters (hence…oops)
15.) I got away with a lot in high school
16.) Mostly because I got good grades and everyone knew my mom
17.) I always tried to make sure that the good things I did outnumbered the bad things
18.) …that didn't always work
19.) I worked at a sub shop called Captain Nemo's.
20.) I still try to cook Nemo's subs at home
21.) They aren't the same
22.) But, my husband still loves them…just not as much as the real thing
23.) My best friend from childhood is still one of my best friends today.
24.) We met when we were three and she moved away to Indiana when I was ten… I cried
25.) Our parents were really good about keeping us in touch
26.) She has 3 boys, and I am the godmother to her middle son
27.) This is supposed to be about me…I went away to college at GVSU and never wanted to return to Romulus
28.) I was EXTREMELY homesick my first year
29.) I almost came back to Romulus to stay.
30.) …but I didn't…instead, I moved in with three other girls into an apartment
31.) We liked to use our coffee table as a runway, and sing Whitney Houston songs before parties.
32.) I stole the idea for this blog from one of those roommates.
33.) She has a son that is 4 months older than Avery, and a newborn son.
34.) Ok…back to me…I became an RA for 3 years. I didn’t have another permanent roommate again until Chris.
35.) I loved it and wanted to be an RA forever.
36.) This is how I met my other best friend.
37.) He was in RHA and became an RA too
38.) Then…I met a lot more friends...who were not RAs…so they could throw parties!
39.) All of these people are still my friends. Three of us got engaged within 3 months of each other and actually stood up in each other’s weddings, and had kids within 2 years of each other.
40.) After I graduated…I moved to North Carolina for grad school
41.) I was really homesick
42.) A lot of my friends moved far away too…to Oregon, Maine, Washington & Illinois
43.) I know that Illinois isn't that far away from Michigan
44.) Some friends stayed in Grand Rapids, and became a lifeline for me
45.) I met even more friends in NC (it helped with the homesickness)
46.) I still talk to most of them, and they have become some of my best friends too.
47.) We get together once a year at a conference, or meet up in Ohio
48.) ….or at weddings…
49.) While in NC, I still visited friends in Michigan
50.) I met my husband during one of these visits home.
51.) I wasn't initially interested in him
52.) He was hitting on a waitress…
53.) …and my friend was hoping that he was gay.
54.) …he isn't (that I know of yet).
55.) Enough about him…we'll get back to him later. 9/11 hit when I was in NC… it was really scary.
56.) It made me realize that I don't want to be that far from family again.
57.) So I moved to Kalamazoo…
58.) I didn't love it there.
59.) I met back up with Chris on Halloween
60.) He was NOT hitting on a waitress this time
61.) We made out…
62.) We started dating….
63.) I got a job at GVSU…
64.) I moved to Grand Rapids…
65.) We got engaged in Boston on our 2 year anniversary.
66.) We got married!
67.) We honeymooned in Spain.
68.) I don't speak Spanish very well.
69.) Chris doesn't speak it at all.
70.) Surprise…I was pregnant 4 months later
71.) Ooops.
72.) Avery was born in August 2006.
73.) She is the best parts of both of us
74.) We lived on campus for another 2 years (almost 13 years total for me)
75.) We bought a house in March 2008
76.) We moved into our new place in June 2008
77.) I quit my job at GVSU in July, 2008.
78.) I am currently a stay at home mom, and watch 2 little boys (age 3 and 4).
79.) Avery bosses both of the boys around.
80.) We are very fortunate to have a great family and friends surrounding us…
81.) ..to be continued…


brandy said...

You can't just at 81

brandy said...

you can't just stop at 81....(you know I can't write or spell so blogging is out for me)

MLDB said...

Oh..yes I can...there will be so much more to add soon;)

Korey said...

So I'm totally 100% a fan of your blog, I've ready every word, almost to the point where I feel like I could recite it.

I'm stoping by and letting you know that I read...all of them!!!

Ps. I remember bing so mad at Chris, he would tell us the sweet things he was doing for you and me thinking...i'll never be that good to anyone! I did steal this Valentine note idea...no lie.

Korey Brown

BoxcatAV said...

Very interesting! I learned a lot. Were the three roomies Tania, Jessica and Allison?

tania said...

I bet a lot more people read your blog than you realize - but the majority don't leave comments. I'm going to steal your idea and post "100 things about me" on my blog - so I guess I'm actually stealing the idea from your old roommate, too :-)

tania said...

p.p.s. - "there will be so much more to add soon..." Something you need to tell us?

MLDB said...

Anne-Actually, the three girls were not Jessica, Tania and Allison, although I did squat for a few weeks one summer on their couch. I loved cooking them dinner while they were at work.