Thursday, June 11, 2009

Our vacation activities....

We got a much needed break last week. I was SPENT, so it was a welcome change, and a great opportunity to just relax for a couple of days.

Avery and I went to Romulus to spend some time with my family while Chris was hiking. We got into town on Saturday and picked up my Grandma to go to my cousin Joseph's grad/going away party. He has joined the Army, and will be heading out to basic training on July 1. The party was fun, and Avery made new friends...and blew lots of bubbles!

After the party, we went home with my mom, and had a nice relaxing evening at home, with just the three of us. It would be the last night before my sisters came home! My mom was a saint on Saturday night, as she took Avery for the night, and I slept all night in her was amazing!

On Sunday afternoon, we went to pick up Jessica and Jennifer from the airport. They were gone for 4 1/2 months, and we really missed them. It was so good to see them both again, even if they did come back skinnier than before. They both looked very European as they showed up with cool little funky hats. We didn't give them much time to relax, as Grandma came over right away to see them, then we all went out to dinner for Stephanie's (my future sister-in-law) birthday.

On Monday, I was able to sleep in with Avery, and we spent the afternoon shopping for bridesmaid's dresses for Sean and Steph's wedding in October. To be accurate....we shopped for Jessica and Jennifer's dresses, while I sat by...all large and pregnant...wondering how the heck I'm going to find a bridesmaid dress that fits and doesn't make me look like a magenta house. Jessica and Jennifer looked wonderful in all of the dresses that they tried on. Maybe I'll do a post with all the pictures of them in their dresses so you all can vote!
During this time, my dad was in Texas for a week, so Avery and I surprised him at the airport to pick him up on Monday night, then went directly to Jessica and Jennifer's softball game for the last inning.

Since everyone had to work on Tuesday morning, Avery and I went out on a date morning. We saw Up in 3D, and did a little shopping. Avery picked up a new backback for our upcoming "vacation", and had snacks and came home to relax.

We woke up and left on Wednesday afternoon, (after eating Captain Nemo's for lunch) and came home to find THIS!

Luckily, our vacation wasn't over yet. We left on Thursday for Great Wolf Lodge up in in Traverse City for 2 nights. This week was a MUCH MUCH needed break, and I am so happy to have had a few days to relax and spend time with my family.

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tania said...

Wow, that was quite the eventful vacation! Glad you got to spend so much quality time with your family and that your sisters made it home from Europe safely...