Thursday, June 18, 2009

Avery wants to be married...

Last night, all three of us were in the kitchen. Chris had a glass of soda on the counter, and I helped myself to a drink.

Avery watched and said "Mommy, you drank Daddy's pop."

I said "it's ok Avery....Mommy and Daddy are married...he has to share with me!"
Avery said..."Oh, I'm married too",

so I replied "nope, Avery, you are not married to us yet. We are a family and you are my we are all together, but only Mommy and Daddy are married."

Avery immediately made a sad face, and started crying.
All she could say was "I want to be married too".

This poor kid hates being left out!
As I tucked her in last night, she was still talking about being married.